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Adriana Balic

BFA BID RID Interior Designer
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Who I Am

DSC_0300 All empty space has the ability to capture excitement, drama, glamour and comfort. The success of these spaces has to do with the blending of these aesthetic characteristics and understanding the basic core function of the space. Using imagination, pushing limits, and taking chances helps to create the drama. In setting the stage that someone has thought the job through and taking into consideration the needs and wants of the client, there is a thread of similarity, longevity, and cohesiveness throughout each space in the project that sets the job at the professional level.

It is my desire to create environments that reveal the spirit and power of design, contributing to this sense of wholeness with a dedication that bonds quality, function, texture and simplicity.

This is who I am and what I believe.

Valuing simplicity in design, I have a keen eye for form and modern sensibility-understated and restrained for a timeless result. A trait I learned from working with Canada’s leading Interior Designer, Robert Ledingham. Along with 20 years’ experience of working in the design field, I received my graduate’s degree from the distinguished Design Institute of San Diego, and became a Certified Interior Designer in 2010. In the years working for Ledingham, I worked on large scale high-end residential projects that succeeded in winning numerous prestigious awards such as HGTV’s Top 10.

“The most essential detail is not what you include, but rather, what you leave out”.

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